Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Our heat bill for December is twice than our normal bill for previous months. This was because of the very cold temperature that we experienced. I personally thought our bill was too much but the husband who used to live where we are at now thinks we have a decent bill. I guess. I am not used to having heat bill this extreme. He said what I should worry about is our electric bill since we had our Christmas lights on for a month and we have night lights on every night not to mention the lights that the little man and I turn on as soon as it gets dark outside. It was almost a hundred on November and we have yet to receive the bill for December. I hope he is not right or else the little man and I will be in trouble, lol. He always tells us not to turn on a lot of lights but we forget sometimes. We try to follow orders as much as we can but it is just too tempting. Oh well, we will get our electric bill in a day or two. We will know then.

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