Saturday, January 1, 2011

almost ready

The husband's sister called the other day to inform us that she has bassinet and crib she can give us for our little girl. We were happy to hear the news because we have been planning to buy these items soon. Her call came at the right time. We still have to see the bassinet and the bed but the fact that somebody else is actually trying to help matters a lot. I hope that the items are sturdy and are in good shape so we will not have to buy either. We can use the money on other things the baby might need when she gets here. We are getting ready for her arrival. She seems to be ready to get out too given the fact on how she kicks my side when she tries to stretch. I don't think she has a lot of space to move so even if her wiggling around hurts sometimes, I just have to bear it. I pray that baby and I will be doing good on our big day.

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