Friday, December 3, 2010

not ready

We are expecting bad weather in the next few days. It is already very cold in here and the husband told me to expect it to get worse by next month. I hope he is wrong. Yesterday it was gloomy and cold and spitting snow. The little man loves snow and he is hoping we will have another snow day. I would like it too but I don't think it will be good for us. We are not well-equipped for snow days yet. We do not have toro snowblower to clean the driveway of snow and the husband and I cannot manually shovel snow for health reasons. We probably will get stuck if it gets bad although I hope it won't. We do not have auxiliary heat either. We have been planning to but we have never really done anything about it yet. I guess we are on denial. Denial will not help us any though so we have to do something soon before this weather gets worse. Once we get what we need we can just stay home and hope for the worse to pass without affecting us in any way at all. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

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