Saturday, December 11, 2010

keeping warm

Since it started getting cold, the husband urged me to get my sweaters, winter jackets, and coats out. He said he did not want to hear me complain about being cold when I can do something about it. I did get them all out last Fall and have been using them since but that did not mean he did not hear "I am cold" from me. I just could not stop it. Even with the choices of warm clothing in my closet, I still went to the store to look at more jackets with an excuse that I am bigger now than before so I need to buy a new one. I found a really nice waterproof jacket which I have been wearing every time we go out. I like the color, the design, and the fact that it is brand new. Well, it was new before I used it :)

We also had to buy a jacket for the little man because what he had was small for him and we do not want him to get cold when we go out. Even if more often than not he takes it off saying it is hot we bring it with us anywhere we go for when he needs it. I don't blame him complaining about being hot, he has a thick insulated jacket with an added windbreaker inside. I don't know how they do it but I would like one of these too if I can find it at the ladies' section. Now we only need to buy him a pair of boots so he will really be set for winter. I am still using my old reliable boots that the husband bought four years ago and I am happy with it so I am not going to replace it yet.

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