Tuesday, December 7, 2010

drinking water

We are using water filter for our drinking water. The husband has gotten used to using a filter since we moved down south that it has become a habit, more or less. I like it. I think it is better that we use a water filter anyway to get impurities out of the water we drink. For the longest time I drank bottled water until I got tired of running to the store to get more when I run out so I switched to drinking tap again. It is not really bad, I just got used to the taste of bottled water. Now that I am drinking from the tap again, I make sure we have plenty of water stored up. I use our portable water filter since we could not afford whole house water filter, pour the filtered water in empty jugs and that is what we use for drinking. It has been working well for us so far. As long as we replace the filter every few gallons we should be fine. I do still crave the taste of bottled water but until I learn to be diligent in buying my supply I cannot complain about drinking tap water. At least it is cheaper this way.

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