Thursday, December 16, 2010

cabin fever?

It has been days since the severe weather started and it has not left our place yet. Roads are still icy, temperature below freezing, and so we are coped up inside the house. The only time we went out was to go to my OB appointment, a short stopover at the store to get more food, and then home where we have been all these time. The husband and the little man are driving me nuts already. They must be bored because one always has an online radio on full blast while the other has the television on (loud as well) surfing from one channel to the next. All I want is either to read a book or get online in peace but I cannot even hear myself think. Nobody wants to give way and I have been seriously looking for a place inside the house I can hide where the sound will not reach me. But as small as the house is, I could not find that place. Besides, one of them come looking for me every few minutes anyway. I guess I just have to tough this out. Hopefully next week we will have better weather so we can go out even if to just drive around the neighborhood. It sure helps a lot to be outside even on short periods, to clear a person's mind, no matter how cold it is.

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