Wednesday, December 8, 2010

bought a new printer

We bought a new printer just a few weeks ago. The husband got tired of buying ink for our old printer so when it ran out of ink he decided to replace it with a new printer instead. He claims that we pay less for the printer with ink in them than if we buy ink cartridges for the old printer. I guess he is right since we bought a cheap printer. I told him it is liable to eat up ink because it is cheap but he does not believe me. He said we will try it and see what happens. Before we bought the new printer I was online for days looking for printers that use refillable cartridge because that was what he wanted. I end up reading about laserjet 5500 toner and was forwarded to all kinds of websites offering refillable ink but not one talked anything about a particular brand of printer that we can buy. Or maybe it did, I just did not get it. It got confusing after so many websites so I quit. That was when the husband decided to buy a different printer. We will know before long if the printer we bought is worth the money we spent. If not, then we are liable to end up buying a new printer after the ink in this new one runs out.

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