Friday, November 26, 2010

sensitive skin

A lot of people have sensitive skin. A little oil in their food, more salt than usual, or sleepless nights result to acne popping up in their faces and sometimes in the neck and back too. I have seen this with my brother and I have experienced it too when I was already in my twenties. It was painful and embarrassing at the same time but I am grateful that I got over it without even the help of anything like md clear. I must admit I tried every thing I was told to do to get rid of my acne and my brother did too but instead of the acne fading it only made it worse. It was when we left it alone and watched what we eat that our skin started clearing up. He now uses a certain brand to keep the worst outbreak at bay while I, thankfully, have not had any outbreak. Or not something that worries me too much anyway. Some pop up every now and then which I blame on hormones but they go away somehow without a scar which is a good thing because I already have a lot of scars on my face and I don't need anymore. I hope my kids will not suffer the same fate I did when it comes to skin problems.

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