Tuesday, November 30, 2010

old people

The husband's aunt and uncle are old enough to qualify for social security benefits. One is over 80 while the other is over 70. They live together with the younger taking care of the older. We visit them from time to time to check on them even if the aunt has kids who also visits her when they are free. When we visit them they always have some kind of mail lying in the table about their medications and brochures about Medicare part D plans. I don't know how it works, nor do I know if they are even on medicare (maybe they are considering their age) but I know they have different medications to take. I think it has something to do with old age. One has to take medicine to make it through the day without pains or discomfort. Both seem to be doing good though even when sometimes they argue over little things. And the little man both love them and fights it when we have to go home after our visits.

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