Wednesday, November 17, 2010

long wait

Went for my monthly check-up today and what was supposed to be a 15-30 minute appointment turned out to be a three hour wait. My OB's office was packed that I had to wait for over an hour just to be called and then had to wait a couple more to talk to my doctor. The reception area was full and I had my answer when I got to talk to my OB. It turned out she was off the whole week last week so the patients who were scheduled last week had to be rescheduled this week. I was starving while waiting for my turn to be called that I texted the husband to buy me a Big Mac so I can eat the minute I get out of the doctor's office. And that was what I did :) I hope that on my next visit it will be back to normal, meaning no long waits just to be checked.

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