Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i did it

Since the husband is embarrassed about my wardrobe, I made him drive me to the mall so I can shop for winter clothes. I have been meaning to shop anyway because my pre-pregnancy jackets and sweaters were too short now that my tummy is getting bigger. I bought sweaters, jackets, a coat, black maternity pants, and a pair of shoes. I did good today even if I spent a lot of money. I am happy with my purchase. The husband is happy too. He said now he will let me go with him when he goes out without him getting worried about what people will think when they see us together, lol. He is a nut. He is still affected by what people say about us especially when it comes to our appearance. He wants me to look good all the time so people can say all they want and it will not bother him much. He said at least he can say he is taking good care of me. Well, I had my fun at the mall and I love it. I actually plan on going back but not anytime soon. Perhaps next month :)

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