Thursday, November 18, 2010

he is an early riser

The little man has been waking up early for the last couple of weeks. Ever since the daylight saving time went in effect, he has been up at 5am. He stays in the living room and turns the television on to watch the local channel he likes. Since it is cold he brings a big blanket in the couch and stays there waiting for us to get up so he could have his breakfast. Thankfully, he does not wake us much unless he needs milk or he is really hungry. Other than that, he waits until we get up to ask for anything. I don't know how we got an early riser and if it is a blessing or a curse, lol. Just kidding. When it starts getting light outside he turns off the television and turns on one of his favorite electronics, the computer. He gets in it to listen to music and watch documentaries (this habit he picked up from his father somehow). I guess this is a good practice for when he starts school, getting up early. At least we do not have to worry about him being late.

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