Friday, November 12, 2010

getting big

As the baby gets bigger it is harder for me to eat without heartburn or indigestion setting in. It is awful but I have to live with it for the next nine weeks or so. It is hard to find food to eat that will not give me heartburn at all that I am weary to eat anymore. But eat I must if not for me then at least for the baby. The good thing about trying to avoid heartburn is that I am picky with what I eat so I have not gained weight since the last time I weighed myself. It seems like the weighing scale is stuck at 121 lbs. Yay! If not only for the fact that I am miserable sometimes I would say being picky should be included on the list of diets that work. I probably will gain more in the next few weeks but I am hoping it will not be too much since I am already uncomfortable as it is now. I cannot wait for the baby to be born. Sure I will have sleepless nights (and days) but at least the heartburn and constant running to the bathroom should be eliminated.

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