Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a few more weeks

I am getting near my due date. In about ten weeks I should be scheduled for my c-section. I still have to get a baby bed (or a bassinet) but I pretty much have all kinds of clothes and little stuff that the baby might need. The husband and I still have to agree on what to do with the little man. I want him to accompany me in the delivery room but he does not want to leave the little man to any of his relatives for reasons only he knows. He is adamant on that too. We will have to come up with a good plan because I know he does not do well with last-minute preparations. I have seen what he was like under pressure when I gave birth to the little man, that is how I know we need a solid plan. If we can get one of his sisters to either babysit the little man or stay with me during delivery it will be a lot better. I hope I will have a safe delivery without the complications I went through the first time. We are so ready for the arrival of our baby girl.

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