Saturday, November 20, 2010

cyber monday

I just realized that the Monday after Thanksgiving is an important day as well. For us who like to shop online that is. This should beat going to the store and rushing to get the items I want. Cyber Monday sounds better for shoppers who are like me who finds online shopping hassle-free. I have to make sure I have enough cash on my account just in case I will find toys that I think the little man will like so I can buy it for him for Christmas. I am also on the hunt for a wristwatch to buy for my mom who complained that the signature watch we sent her quit working for reasons she does not know. Anyway, the husband told me I can order one jewelry online as my early Christmas present using his online account. And that I can also, if I want, get mom a new watch. You beat I will too. That is one offer I could not refuse. I hope I will find good deals so he does not have to be out a lot of money. I love holidays especially one that is followed by all kinds of store sales.

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