Thursday, October 7, 2010

we finally got to talk

I finally get to talk to my parents a day after they did not show up. Mom was there first who told me dad was not around because he had to keep an eye on somebody he is paying money to do carpentry work. We talked about dad's hospitalization, bills, and more. We also talked about the little man and my pregnancy. And we talked about politics since the date for the local elections is fast approaching and she is running for barangay captain again. This will be her second term and this time somebody is running against her. As always with politics, there are intrigues and issues that are not even true yet people believe. I told her to just let it pass and to hang on to her belief. If she wins then good but if she doesn't to be ready to accept the fact. That is why it is called an election, people decides who they want in office. We have talked a long time before dad showed up. He said he left the carpenter so we could talk which we did. He reassured me he is feeling better (thank goodness) and relayed some gossip he heard pertaining to mom and the people she is up against in the coming elections. It was fun talking to them. Sure they aggravate me sometimes with their demands but I am happy that they are both doing fine and apparently in good health. I hope it will continue that way. We parted with them promising we will talk again in the next few days, probably before the elections. I just hope mom will still win.

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