Tuesday, October 12, 2010

we cooked good food

It did rain today but not until it was about to get dark. It felt wonderful to have that rain since we have not had rain in months. Not a soaker like that anyway. We went out to buy minutes for the husband's prepaid phone and so we decided to visit his aunt and uncle for a few minutes to see what they were doing. Then we went home to cook food. I baked sweet potato while he had to keep an eye on chicken rotisserie in a separate oven. We also had fried green tomatoes which were delicious. He said tonight would have been a perfect night to grill marshmallows on an outdoor fireplace if we had one since it has quit raining and it is cool out there. But we do not have an outdoor fireplace and using a grill would have ruined the fun. So we ate our food and stayed inside. We will do marshmallows some other time :)

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