Wednesday, October 13, 2010

we are hungry

I could not decide what to eat. I am hungry and the baby is kicking me left, right, and center but I don't know what to eat. I should if I know what is right for me but the thing is, I want to eat something filling. Not just food to get me through the night. How I wish there is somebody here who knows how to cook Filipino food so I can just say what I want and it will be served to me when ready. Or a Filipino restaurant would be nice. But being in the country with barely a handful of Asians it is an impossibility. The husband promised he will bring me to a seafood buffet one of these days so I can indulge. I am looking forward to that but I have more pressing matters I need to attend to. Food. Now. And since nobody knows how to cook (or eat) Filipino food here except me, then I will have to get up and fix my own food. Good times. Not!

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