Friday, October 8, 2010


The house we live in does not have enough storage space nor are there plenty of closet. So what we do is we rented a storage room for all our "junk" that we do not want to part with (at the moment anyway). Things that we do not need on a daily basis is on the storage building like bicycles, fishing rods, coolers, a few tools, and some odds and pieces we collected through the years. We have been meaning to have a yard sale since we do have stuff we need to get rid of but the horde in us do not want to let go as of yet. Maybe when we do need the money we will think seriously about it. I am glad that there are storage buildings for rent. These steel buildings are handy for people who do not have their own garages or sheds to put their things in. For so much money a month, one can get a storage room depending on the size he wants and leave his belongings there for as long as he wants. And as long as the unit is paid for then there should not be any problems. I love this buildings. Someday, when we have our own house I would like to have one in the yard just for storage purposes.

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