Thursday, October 7, 2010

so slow

We had a hard time making the old laptop (that the little man is using) play a music CD. It was very slow in loading and reading the cd that we have to wait wondering if it is going to happen or if there was something wrong with both. After a few tries it did work and the cd did play so we were able to listen to the songs that were in it that the husband said was from Sugar Ray. It was not really from the said singer so it was all in vain. While doing all that we could not help but snap at each other about how I did not do it right where I said back that it was not like it was a rackmount computer anyway, the laptop was cheap with 1G memory we bought 4 years ago so that should explain why it is very slow. The other laptops are fine and we do not have any complains about them. Only this old laptop because it has been through a lot of use and abuse (mostly from the little man) and it is old. It might even be time to replace it should we have the money to buy a new computer.

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