Wednesday, October 13, 2010

short term or long term

The husband was informed that one of his sisters who had an expensive life insurance plan had her yearly check up and was told that she has some serious health problems which made the insurance company cut her policy in half. Should anything happen to her now, her beneficiaries will only get half of what they were supposed to get the year before. The sad thing is that she has had the life insurance for over ten years. Apparently she could not do anything about it so she has to accept it as it is. We wonder if she still has her health insurance and what will happen if her provider knows about it. Hearing news like this makes me wonder if it is better to get something like short term health insurance NC (if one lives in NC, that is) than getting long term insurance only to be turned down or cut off the time you need it most. We do hope she will be able to do something to get her original policy back for her family's benefit. The husband still has to talk to his younger sister to know more details. Maybe then she already will hear something uplifting.

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actonbell said...

Pardon me for commenting without knowing you, but I stumbled upon this, and--this is appalling. It sounds illegal for a company to just change the terms of an insurance policy! I hope this doesn't hold up.