Wednesday, October 13, 2010

rv repairs

It is another gloomy day in the country but we had to go to the store early because the little man ran out of milk. He still prefers his milk over water so to avoid any tantrums I had to go and get him a couple gallons. We are now back home and will probably stay home to keep warm since it is chilly out there. The husband is on the phone trying to explain to his cousin that he does not know about rv repairs so his cousin better ask somebody else about what is wrong with his rv. The latter is asking the husband if he knows why his rv is making odd noises and he said he does not have a clue. I think since the husband worked as a mechanic everybody assumes he knows what is wrong with anything that has wheels. He only used to work on cars and he has not worked in a long time due to health reasons so he has been out of the loop. I hope the cousin will find somebody who knows how to fix his rv. That way he can sell it like he planned on doing a few months ago.

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