Friday, October 29, 2010

the right (online) store

I mentioned I craved for a particular kind of dried fish on my previous post. Well, about a week ago I ordered the dried fish online. I had two packs of the kind I really want and two packs more of different kind dried fish just because they were cheap. The order was delivered three days later which was really great. I have ate what I want (and stank the whole house up) and I am happy. I still have three packs of dried fish in the fridge for when cravings hit me again. I have learned my lesson, it is always better to have extra food in the fridge because I do not know when I will want to eat certain kinds of food. And there are food that I want that is not easy to find. And the best thing, I did not pay a lot of money for my purchase considering I had to pay for shipping. It would have been around the same cost had I buy the dried fish at the nearest Asian store. I am glad I found the right store to order dried fish. I will do business with them again hoping that they will uphold fast and efficient service.

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