Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yesterday was the little man's birthday. He did not get much from us that day because we already gave him his presents days before. We do not have tradition when it comes to birthdays, we celebrate the occasion as it comes and we buy presents usually days before the event. We do not wait for the day itself to let him unwrap his presents. It still has the same effect though, wide grins and smiles of appreciation which makes us think of saving money for the next special occasion. Which brings us to Christmas. Christmas is another occasion where we buy him plenty of presents. This time we do buy the presents days, sometimes weeks, in advance but we wrap them up or bag them and let the presents set under the tree to be opened on Christmas morning. We only have a few weeks to get the little man's christmas gift bags and I am already excited. I know I should worry about expenses and all that but then we never really buy anything beyond our means. And our little boy is not very hard to please so whatever we get for him he is happy. We do have to think of what to get him though, something he will like and use for a long time.

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