Sunday, October 10, 2010

on vacation

I was on Facebook just a few minutes ago to check for updates and I saw where one friend posted pictures and videos of their vacation in PI. Her and her husband are there right now, enjoying being around family and good food. I envy her. I really want to be around good food right now. And be with my parents and some relatives. Not all since some of them have been giving my parents a hard time due to the coming local elections. Anyway, when they were planning about their vacation, my friend had to get online several times to check on travel deals since airplane fares are getting expensive and she wanted to get tickets as cheap as possible. She eventually found a good deal and bought the tickets a month before the trip. They are in PI right now and will be there for a month. A month of relaxation and fun I would really want to indulge but can't. The husband said we will go for our own vacation somehow, we just have to wait for it. I know we will in God's good time. Right now all I can hope is that my friend will bring me pasalubong :)

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