Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a new pair of shoes

When I went to window shop at a shoe store a few days ago, I have a few pairs I would like to buy. One is a pair of loafers that was really comfortable and the other is a high heeled sandals (which I cannot really use at the moment) that I like. I did not buy either because they were priced a bit high so I decided I will wait and see if the pair will go on sale. Who knows? I might just get lucky. I told the husband about it and he was fine with the loafers but the sandals he has his doubts. You see, I have plenty of high heeled shoes and sandals that I have not even worn yet. They are still in boxes waiting for me in vain. Lol. I just did not have the time to wear them what with having to deal with a toddler and being pregnant. I said maybe after the second baby is born I will be able to wear the sexy sandals which the husband just snorted in reply. He is bad, isn't he? Well, he told me if I want to buy a pair of shoes I need to think of comfort so why don't I think of buying a pair of, say, mbt shoes, or just get the loafers that I liked? I hate to admit it but he does make good points so I will think about it some more. I know these pairs mentioned are not glamorous to look at but he knows that I am for comfort first before anything else. I am just hard-headed sometimes. I will see what we can afford (oh, yes he is paying for it) and let's hope that I will use reason when choosing the right pair of shoes.

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