Thursday, October 21, 2010


Or sweet potato to those who do not know the Filipino name for it. These were boiled a couple weeks ago, the first batch that came out from my small patch of sweet potato vine. I boiled the roots until the pot was dry which made the house smell so good but freaked the husband out, lol. He thought something was burning in the stove which has been happening lately when I forget that I have something cooking. I did not forget about the potatoes though, in fact I was watching the pot real close to achieve the desired look and taste I love. Would you believe I never quit until I ate all these up? Not in one day though, I had to do it in a span of days but I did it and never regret it. I have tried baking sweet potato twice but I have not been very successful with that so I guess I should just stick to boiling because apparently that is what I am good at. Maybe I will even boil a pot full today. That is an absolutely delicious idea :)

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