Sunday, October 10, 2010

it feels good to be productive

I spent a few hours ironing the husband's shirts this morning. He complained the other day how he wants to wear his good shirts but could not because they are not ironed. I must admit I have not ironed any clothes for a long time. I just fold or hang clothes in the closet right after I take them out of the dryer. I thought I was doing good. Apparently, somebody else does not think what I was doing was good enough. He just didn't have the courage to tell it to my face, lol. So I promised him I will iron all his shirts and jeans to make him happy. And I did that this morning while he had to entertain the little man so he will leave me alone. I finished ironing after a couple hours and I also rearranged his closet so all men's polo shirts line one side while pants and jeans are on the other side. While doing that, I also had the washer and dryer going. I have been multi tasking and it feels good to be productive although it hurt my leg and back to be standing that long. I will make up for it by taking a nap after dinner though. Once I get my rest I will be doing more cleaning in other areas of the house. I like it clean and tidy in the house. It gives me comfort.

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