Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i want to eat puto!

I am craving for steamed rice cakes (puto). I bought a pack of puto mix from the Asian store thinking I will fix it right away when I get home. What I failed to realize is that I threw my silicone molds when we moved. And I don't have anything here that will fit my steamer. I do have muffin tins but it is too big for my steamer so it is not an option. Now I am left with a box of puto mix which makes me crave some more for the delicacy. What makes it bad is that I cannot even do anything about it until I order another set of those silicone molds and it will be another week or two before it gets here. Why did I ever not listen to the husband when he told me to hang on to the molds? I wouldn't have this problem if I did. I cannot even tell him about my problem because I know he will just tell me "I told you". I will try to see if I can do the steaming in the oven. I have read about steam bath but I still have to figure out a way to do it and see if it works.

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