Monday, October 11, 2010

he is not feeling good

The husband is not feeling good today. He said he is cold and his bones and muscles ache. I told him to take medicine before it gets bad and go back to bed so he can rest. We cannot afford to get sick. I know if he does get sick, the little man and I will eventually get it. I hope the medicine will take care of the symptoms he has and will stop whatever is making him feel bad. The little man has checked on his father several times wondering why he is not in the living room with us. When his father told him he is not feeling better he left him alone. He was online a while ago until he decided to go upstairs and play with his trains. I hear him talking to James and Thomas. Anything to keep him occupied for a while. I will have to get up and fix something to eat for the husband and continue cleaning the house. I still have plenty of cleaning up to do but I am taking it slow so I will not get tired. I get tired easily this days as my pregnancy progresses. I am getting heavy too. But that can't be helped so I have to deal with it like I do every thing else. Anyway, I have to go. I will be back for more updates later.

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