Tuesday, October 12, 2010

he is looking at boots

Since the husband and I had a lot to eat for supper, we cannot go to bed yet. We are making it a practice not to go to bed when we are full for health reasons. He is in his computer right now looking at women's boots. I don't know what his plan is but he has been at it for a while. He even called me several times to look at particular designs to see if I like them. He said he might buy me a pair when he feels like it. Ha! And he got shocked when I told him what designs I liked and how much each cost. I told him I have stopped looking at shoes (for me) online anymore because it makes me depressed not being able to purchase all that I like. He was shocked that I would want so many shoes but then I know he will be, lol. I told him to quit looking at shoes and start looking at mattresses instead so we can make the decision on what brand to get. He is now looking at boots for kids, since he plans to buy one for the little man too. He said he even wants a pair for himself. Well, whatever he decides to do, I will be happy if he gets me a pair that I like. If not, then it is fine with me. I still have my old reliable pair to use for winter.

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