Tuesday, October 12, 2010

getting a box ready

We might go to the Asian store tomorrow to get a balikbayan box. When I went there the other day I was told that the store ran out of boxes and it won't be until Wednesday when they get more stocks. The husband and I agreed that we will send another box to my parents. This is our first for the year since we got busy with moving and settling in the new place. I already have a big box here I need to sort out to choose which items we will send or keep. These are items we bought from yard sales like slightly used clothing for my parents and some hip hop clothing for my younger nephews. There are also toys and new clothes for my niece, the little man's old clothes that my mom wants me to send so she could give to the neighbors' kids, and some bits and pieces we found that we think are useful to them. I still have to buy their favored brand of soap and maybe, if I feel like going to the mall, a couple of their favorite cologne. I am sure they will have more requests once I tell them we are getting the box ready to ship. I just hope that the box will get to them before the holidays.

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