Thursday, October 7, 2010

free food

We went to a wholesale store a few weeks ago. There are food in that particular store that the husband like so much but only gets from time to time and he decided that he wanted said food at the time. So we went. Like we always do when we go to a wholesale store, we end up spending so much money for only a few items since we have to buy the food in bulk. But I love the store because it normally do not have so many people milling around and also because of the promotional items, mainly food, they offer to shoppers. I love food and I like to taste new offerings when we go. Like I said, we rarely go to that store but when we do we make it worth our while. Why not? There is no pressure and no rush and there is food. We buy what we want and then off we go home. That simple. It will be a while before we will go back for sure but I am already looking forward to what kind of food I will get to taste next time. Even the little man gets in the game by tasting what is given to us. Can you tell we don't have much of a social life? Lol.

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