Tuesday, October 12, 2010

for sale

There are a lot of houses for sale in the area we live in. Anytime you drive through residential streets you can see for sale signs littering the sidewalk. The husband and I wonder where all the people are going and his aunt told us they are either moving to the city or to the deeper part of the country. Well, with people selling their houses, most are also selling their furniture. I guess they do not want to bring anything with them when they move so they are having auctions either in the house itself or an online auction for those who are interested. I have never really been to an auction and I would like to go but the husband said it will be awkward if we will go and not participate. He has a point. I wonder if online auction is the same? I have not really looked it up yet. I do not plan to buy anything, I am just curious. I might try to get to an auction one of these days just for the experience.

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