Wednesday, October 13, 2010

flea market day

Today is market day here in the country. We passed the flea market stands on our way to the store and I wanted to stop but decided against it. I have only been to the flea market once since we moved here and I did not even get to roam around the whole area like I wanted to because the little man wanted every toy he saw on display. Now that he is behaving better would have been the time to go but it is chilly and we did have to do something more important than looking at stuff at the flea market. I saw a wagon full of soda and I wondered where it came from. From what I could tell, the brands are the kind I saw in stores. The husband said not to ask, that everything can be found at the flea market here like rustic furniture, old farmer's tools and equipment, baked goods from the Amish (this I still have to taste), used clothes and baby stuff, home furniture, anything you can think of. He said if one is lucky he might find brand new stuff too. Which makes me want to go. Maybe next time I will if the weather permits and if I get up early enough to go before the crowd.

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