Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It is starting to get cold anymore. Today I had to wear jeans and a cardigan on top of my shirt because it was too cold a day for me. I love this kind of weather especially at bed time because then we do not have to use AC nor heat. But this is also the kind of weather which gives me very dry skin that sometimes lead to eczema that is painful when not treated early. The little man had it about two years ago but thankfully we were prescribed a good cream to put in his skin and cured it. I don't know if we still have said cream but I hope we will not get it this year. I guess we will have to start using the humidifier before long and to try to stay indoors and hydrated as much as possible so we will not have the same problems again. Anything to prevent us from contacting said skin problem.

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sunshine said...

I used to suffer from eczema and got rid of it with baking soda mixed with water and putting it on the area while on the shower, leave it for about a minute and then rinse it off. It stings a little but eventually it will dry off the eczema, it's really good, try it next time!