Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the countryside

We drove down the countryside today. We were all bored and we needed something to lift our moods. The country is a fascinating place to drive in the evening. Especially as gloomy as today is. The trees look good with the leaves turning yellow and red. The houses look more welcoming than ever, shelters from the bad weather. The farms are a pretty sight what with the animals in them. It is just perfect. There are numerous houses we passed that are very huge, not at all farm-like but more suited to be seen in big cities. With big yards and pools that are already covered because of the cooling temperatures. When I asked the husband if pool covers are the same as hot tub covers he gave me a blank look. He clearly had no idea. He must have been surprised I even asked. I am like this when bored. I pay too much attention and I ask ridiculous questions according to the husband. Yet he finds it amusing. Even the little man enjoyed our short ride. The scenery might be the same for miles but it is still something to behold. I wanted to go further but it is getting dark and we are getting hungry (which is the often the case lately) so we head home. I would like to do this often no matter how mundane it sounds. At least we are not spending a lot of money doing this.

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