Monday, October 11, 2010


Our cars are old so we make sure we have proper insurance for them in case the need arise. The husband made me get insurance that covers roadside assistance just in case we break down on the road. We do not go anywhere much but then we also do not know when a vehicle starts acting up. We have seen a few cars being left on the roadside because it breaks down and I guess the owner does not have towing on their insurance. It is costly when you have to pay out of pocket but when it is included in your insurance it is free. I like it that way. We have used ours twice (I think) when the transmission to our SUV quit working and we had to have it towed to a friend's garage so he could fix it for us. We never paid a penny for towing those times and we are glad we have insurance. We like although we do hope we will not have to use it often. As good as free towing and roadside assistance sounds, it still is better when the cars do not have any problems at all.

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