Thursday, September 2, 2010

yummy vegetables

Since I had the ingredients to make ginataang gulay (vegetables in coconut milk) I decided I should try to cook some just to get a different taste since I have been stir frying every vegetable I cook. I had to run to the store for the coconut milk and I did not have ginger and moringa but it still turned out good. I mixed cut-up okra, string beans (asparagus beans), squash, sweet potato top, then flavored it with a bit of salt, a bunch of lemon grass, a cup (I think) of coconut milk, and I put in a piece of salted fish that I made weeks ago. The picture above is the result. It was so good. The downside was that I was the only one who ate the food so it took me days to finish the whole pot I cooked. On the up side, I did have my fill of the dish I used to eat when I was still living with my parents in Leyte.

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It's Me said...

wow... i like vegetables... it looks delicious :)