Wednesday, September 15, 2010

when cravings hit

It is crazy since I am full right now but I feel like eating. I am craving for siyakoy (deep-fried doughnut) which I still have to make since I don't have yeast in my pantry. I have been craving for it since yesterday evening and it has been over 24 hours and I did not get to taste it. Well, I have to make the dough which is impossible right now because like I said I don't have yeast. So I am left with my cravings and eating something else to make up for the doughnut. I promised myself if not tonight, I will make doughnuts tomorrow. There are so many food that I want to eat at the moment that I have to prioritize which ones I would like to eat first. Crazy? That's me! Lol. I am letting myself go for the duration of this pregnancy. Which means no talk about diet (oops!) nor will I think about weight loss pills. After all, I am eating for two. Let the remorse, frustrations and all other weight gain problems start after I give birth. I might regret what I am doing right now but I do get instant gratification. Surely it is not bad?

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