Friday, September 3, 2010

we need more closet

The house that we are renting right now is more spacious than the duplex we used to live in. I like the space and the rooms but I do have an issue on the house not having enough closet. I thought with a house this size it should have had ample space for cabinets and closets for stuff to put in. But whoever designed it did not think of it that way. So we are left with our imagination on where to put some of our stuff. There is a room in the house that still has boxes that have not been opened since we moved in. There are labels so we know what is in each box. I want to un-box every thing but I do not know where to put them. We either need more dressers in lieu of the closet space or we need to put up a metal building out back to use as a storage room for whatever we do not use on a daily basis. Both require money and the latter needs permission from the landlord. And until we get an okay that means the boxes will have to be left sealed and stored in that room we could have used for something else. I am really itching to tidy the room up but I cannot do anything just as yet. I really have to be patient like the husband said and I will have to try for my own peace of mind.

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