Sunday, September 12, 2010

up very early

I have been up since 3am. The little man was restless and knowing he did not get to eat supper last night since he went to bed early, I asked him if he wanted to eat. He said yes so off we went to the kitchen to fix him the mac and cheese he specifically asked. I was hoping we will go back to bed but he had other ideas. He is in his father's laptop surfing for music videos and refuses to go back to bed. I could not go back to sleep knowing he is up so here we are still up at 6:30am. I hope I won't be sluggish the whole day. I would hate that. I will have to make sure he eats supper first before he passes out on me. That way we will not make this getting up early a routine. Maybe we will take a nap this morning when he feels tired. At least it will make us feel better.

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