Saturday, September 18, 2010

still up and talking to friends

It is late yet we are still up. I wonder what happened to our early to bed routine? We did go to bed early but the husband asked if I could rub his legs because they were bothering him and then his friend called so he had to get up to take the call and the little man followed suit. If I know, he was waiting for either of his parents to get up so he could too. We have been up since and nobody wants to go back to bed yet for some reason. Well, I do have my reason. I am talking to my online friends right now while composing this message. One is asking me about a certain phrase her Puerto Rican friend said to her while the other is trying to discuss the merits of whey protein powder on her health. I could not help either since I do not have any knowledge whatsoever about the topics being discussed. But it is nice to talk to friends so I am still here talking, lol. I am also talking to a friend about her plans to send me a box from California loaded with goodies. I do have to make these conversations short though because I am sleepy and we all need to go to bed. Sometimes this time difference is a pain to my almost nonexistent social life.

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