Friday, September 24, 2010

she's okay

We got to talk to the husband's sister who suffered burns. She said that aside from the superficial wounds she had from the burns, she is feeling better. In fact, she is already home. It turned out, the burns were not as severe as what everybody initially thought. She might have to talk to a cosmetic surgeon to see what can be done with her face (her nose and mouth had it worse). We still have not visited her because we found out her grandkids who are living with her have pneumonia. The husband does not want to risk the little man contacting it so we are staying home until we get the all clear signal from them. We are glad that she is feeling better. The little man loves his Aunt S and we do not want anything bad to happen to her. Well, something bad happened but we are happy she is in good spirits again. She will heal and it is good enough for us. Hopefully the kids will feel better too so we can come and visit them.

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