Friday, September 17, 2010


I like to change my laptop's screensaver every few weeks. It is so I will not get bored looking at the same pictures every time I open my computer. I used to take pictures of the beach and the pier and it did make good background pictures but since we moved, I have not taken any good pictures of anything at all. It is like I lack inspiration or maybe I am just plain lazy. Anyway, an online friend takes very good pictures which she posted on Facebook. When I saw the pictures I asked her if I could "borrow" her pictures so I can use them on my computer and was very happy when she said yes. I copied one picture I liked and used it on my computer. The husband even said it was a very good picture. I am now on my second picture I borrowed from her. The pictures are of flowers she has seen and took pictures of while she was out with her family. I hope she will take more pictures so I will not run out of fresh screensavers :)

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