Wednesday, September 1, 2010

plan canceled

The county fair started a few days ago. It is located just a few miles from us so I thought we need to go and check it out. I just want to look because the husband is not able to stand or walk for long periods while the little man is too little for the rides. And whatever rides he could get in, nobody will ride with him since I am afraid I will only get sick when I do. I though we will just get us food, sit in one corner and let the hours go by. Until I was informed of how much it will cost to get in. I think they are charging too much. As much as I want to check the fair out and let the little man see the rides and the people walking around, I don't want to spend that much money. So the plan of going to the fair is canceled unless one of the relatives can give us free tickets. Now I know why I have heard kids talk about saving up for the fair. One really need to save up in order to get inside and get on the rides. I hope they enjoy it so the process of saving up their money was worth it. As for the little man, he will need to save up too if he wants to go next year, lol. Thank goodness he is not old enough to get on most rides. I still have time to condition my mind that it is alright to go to the fair with him with me.

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