Sunday, September 19, 2010

my favorite sandwich

I made the husband stop on my favorite restaurant while we were out driving around. It has been months since I have had Cajun club from Zaxby's and I was really craving for a taste. He asked me if some other fast-food will do but I said not. I had to have the Cajun club. And I did and it was good. Of course he had to order one for him too. He said I am a bad influence, lol. I did not tell him to order anything for himself, I just wanted to eat my favorite sandwich. And now that I did, I am happy. He asked me how is he going to lose weight if he keeps on eating. Well, he should not worry about it yet. He is not that big anyway, compared to most people here, he is still in good shape. Anyway, I told him about a misunderstanding I got from what I read online recently. I thought that a product called extenze is a diet pill of some sort. Little did I know it is a male enhancing pill until I read about the side effects of extenze. We laughed at my mistake but we also learned from it. Never assume anything. Always make sure I know what I am reading and know it well so as to avoid embarrassment. At least he is the only person I told it too, until now that is.

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