Tuesday, September 14, 2010

getting big by the day

I just finished reading on my pregnancy's development and it seems like I am on track. I have gained weight but not a lot to be worried about. I am trying to watch my weight (but not my food intake, lol) so I will not get too big before I give birth. I will try to get into an exercise routine if I can though. I need to get fit so there will be no complications during this pregnancy. We cannot afford any of that. As I was reading pregnancy facts and information, there was something in there about breaking out and acne. Yikes! I hope I will not get that because I don't know if I can use acne treatment while pregnant. I had acne on my first pregnancy and it was awful. I let it go away on its own and it took its sweet time going away. I guess I better start watching my food intake so I will not get acne. Maybe eat food with less fat and sugar if I can control myself. I am already on my 21 weeks. I still have 17 weeks to go before the new baby will be born.

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