Wednesday, September 29, 2010

food and more food

We visited two of the husband's sisters today. We did not plan on stopping by her other sister but since her house is on the way home, we decided to stop by. We visited the sister that had burns. We were surprised to see that she looks good. The burns did not leave any scar in her face at all. Whatever her doctor gave her to rub on her skin must be pretty powerful stuff because aside from the red spots in her face and hands, you could not tell she suffered second and third degree burns. She was her usual self when we visited, just like nothing happened. She was even proud that her eyebrows are growing back. She told us what she has been doing (shopping for food for the winter) and showed us her freezer full of vegetables and meat. She gave me a whole grocery bag full of frozen pork loin and chops to take home. She said she bought the meat thinking of me. She knows I am a pork eater. We stayed a few hours to visit and talk and left before schools were out so we will not get caught in traffic. On our way home, we stopped on the second sister's house. This is only my second time to visit their place and she was happy to see us. Her and the husband talked and then talk of food came up which prompted her to open her freezer (a huge one) and started sorting through it to look for meat to give us. We accepted the meat. You think we will say no? Lol. We ended up with a load of meat to carry home. I don't know what we are going to do with so much food. As fat as we are, you might think we will slow down on eating and stocking up food and visit hoodia online instead to know if it will be able to help us lose weight. Although I do have a perfect excuse to gain weight, I am pregnant. I don't know about the husband, lol. Anyway, all the meat is packed in our already tight freezer. And guess what? We are already thinking about raiding one grocery store that has crab legs on sale :)

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