Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a big help

When I was in school, writing was not my strong points. I get lazy sometimes that I asked classmates to either copy something for me or I borrow their notes to copy. Until the scanner software was made available for public use. Oh, how I loved the fact that all I needed to do was have a few cents so I could photocopy notes and pages off a book for me to study. No more writing unless it is something that is imparted by the teacher from her own research. It was cool! To this day, I still have said photocopies that I accumulated through the years. I did have books but there were reference materials we could only get from the library and that was what I had copied and saved after all these time. I actually have boxes and boxes of them stacked in my room at my parents house. They do not want to get rid of any items I left behind which is sweet. Right now, the husband and I have our own printer/scanner we use for documents. It is handy and is good for when we need copies of documents for our own personal records.

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